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After Sean Scully


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Signed on reverse. This tapestry was hand-woven by Latvian artist/weaver Iveta
Vacenane after a painting by Sean Scully.

Sean Scully (1945-Present) came to international prominence as a painter of abstract works featuring combinations of squares and stripes. Having abandoned figurativism in the mid-1960s, and a series of precise line paintings in the early 1970s, he turned to “sculptural” canvases that got their name because they featured heavy, tangible, stretches of paint and abutted panels that impose themselves on the viewer. These signature works left behind the almost technical precision of his line compositions in favor of a freer application of paint that gave rise to an expressive translation of color, light, and texture. Scully’s paintings appear to have no referent but thematically they often deal with metaphorical ideas that touch on the artist’s own spirituality and memories of people, places and objects. In more recent years Scully has focused more on sculpture, working with Corten and stainless steel to produce imposing, stripped back, monuments that celebrate, rather than disguise, their grid-like structure.

72”/183 cm

Tapestry hand-woven by Latvian artist / weaver Iveta Vacenane