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“Defense de la Fleur” – Aubusson tapestry woven by the Picaud workshop 

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Complete with certificate of origin signed by the artist. N° 3 of 3. 1960  

“First of all I like wool, its warmth…In tapestry, I can use both colour and  graphic design” wrote the artist in “Sculpture”, Paris, 1968. Better known as a  sculptor, Gilioli (1911-1977) would design his first cartoon in 1949, before winning in 1957 the Tapestry Prize at the Biennial in Sao Paulo ; in all he designed around a hundred tapestries, woven by the Pinton and Picaud workshops.  

“Defense de la Fleur” comes from Gilioli’s first period of cartoon creation.  “There are two competing tendancies in my work, it is either line which dominates, or forms: the overall shape.” Movement is momentarily arrested by the artist’s intervention (a technique directly derived from drawing and particularly difficult to translate for the weavers).  

Height: 239cm/94” 
Length: 129cm/51″