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Handwoven Rope Furniture Collection

Our Rope Collection draws inspiration from the work of the French design duo Adrien Audoux and Frida Minet. Made in the South of France in the early to mid 20th century their work was realized in rope woven from the fronds of local palm trees. We now grow and harvest our palm materials in the Madoura Islands in Indonesia where it is hand braided into a flat rope and woven onto our hardwood frames.

Adrien Audoux and Frida Minet Inspired Rope Furniture by John Himmel

Mirror Furniture Collection

Our Mirror Furniture Collection is inspired by the short but fabulous period that was the French 40’s. Designs were modernistic in concept and materials, yet anachronistic in reverence to classic design. Our pieces pay homage to designers such as Jacques Dumond, Ander Arbus, and most notably Serge Roche. Hand silvering is a seventeenth century invention. Our craftsment turn hand cut clear glass into our mirrored pieces using the same old world technique. It is modern alchemy!

Tapestries of the 20th Century

It is important to know that tapestries are not really a recreative art. The artisan weaver has no free will when weaving the artist’s vision. It does take the weaver’s virtuosity to make it live. Like the bronze foundry or the printmaker, it is the artist’s work brought to life by the dexterity of another. Forgeries or fakes are an impossibility. By law, these editions are limited to no more than 6 examples. Each work is signed and numbered. Because of their incredible cost to produce and the waning number of artisans, these pieces are rare indeed.