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“Cavorite”, tapestry woven by Claire Rado. 

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With signed label, n°1/1. 

In 1964 Claire Rado designed and wove in her workshop in Suresnes, her very  first tapestry which she then exhibited at the Galerie La Demeure. She weaves  her own cartoons, but, rather like Daquin or Coffnet for example, also produces  the work of others (Soulages notably as far as Rado is concerned). Her first  abstract works were followed by monumental woven figures around which she  left the warp bare.  

“Cavorite” is an invented antigravitational substance imagined by H. G. Wells in  one of his novels ; it can be supposed that it is this paradox which inspired the  artist, whose motivation is to promote new ways of conceiving woven art.  

Bibliography : 
Valentine Fougère , Tapisseries de notre temps, les éditions du temps,1969, ill. p  123  

Height: 198cm/78”  
Length: 165cm/65”