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Storm Bird

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Signed, label – unique  

Born in Rotterdam, Ernest Van Leyden turned to painting at an early age. Van  Leyden was an extremely productive and versatile artist, hugely inspired by his  numerous travels: his use of warm colors, striking compositions, and strong  rendition – whether figurative or abstract made him a thoroughly appreciated  artist within a circle of peers and friends to which Picasso, Salvador Dali and  Willem de Kooing belonged as well. 

He had long toyed with the idea of creating a tapestry and felt that it was the  next logical step from his collages. These works, composed of pieces of  different fabrics, reflected his concern for color, shapes and texture. “Storm  Bird” the only tapestry of Van Leyden’s completed just before his death in 1969  appears as a giant three-dimensional landscape of color with various degrees of  topographical relief.  

Reference: Contemporary Tapestries, Denise Majorel/The Forum Gallery,  unpaginated, 16th image. 

Length 98.5”/250cm 
Height 64.5”/164cm