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“Matin rouge” Circa 1990  

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Tapisserie d”Aubusson, Atelier Raymond Picaud. Numbered 1/6.  

Dominique Fenelon began his artistic career in Paris where he became involved in the  visual arts.  

In the capital, he participated in research devoted to street arts and urban installations,  temporary or permanent.  

In 1984, he began research with computer science that led to a new pictorial image  from which paintings and Aubusson tapestries emerged.  

In 1992, 10 years after his installation in Aubusson and a deep immersion in the Creuse  countryside, he developed a new artistic approach: nature becomes a source of  inspiration; the leaf and the rivers of Limousin are then the favorite theme of his work.  In 2008, he went to Venice where he found an irresistible source of inspiration: the  magic of the site, the fantasy of the carnival, the diversity and richness of the costumes  as well as the mysterious side of the mask unblock his imagination and offer him a vast  field of creation on new paintings and tapestries. 

Height: 125 cm/49”  
Length: 175 cm/69”