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“Noire” Aubusson tapestry woven in the Legoueix workshop.

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Complete with signed label, number 1/1.

Louis-Marie Julien (1904-1982) was born in Marseilles. He was a pupil of the School of Fine Arts in this city but soon travelled to Paris in 1924 where he was introduced to graphic arts and became a designer of advertising works.

For several years, he then devoted himself to painting. Jullien came to Aubusson in 1936, joined Picart le Doux in 1947 and became a member of the A.P.C.T. (Association of Tapestry PaintersCartonniers). From 1948, Julien dedicated himself to tapestries. At first figurative, then to scientific themes, he eventually evolved towards abstraction.

He participated and exhibited at the Salons of Decorative Artists. In 1955, he had a special exhibition at the Galerie La Demeure.

Most of Jullien’s tapestries refer to the poetic character of an inspiration.

Exhibition catalogue Hommage à Louis-Marie Julien, Aubusson, Musée départementale de la Tapisserie, 1983

Height: 79.5”/202 cm
Width: 51”/130 cm

“Noire” Aubusson tapestry woven in the Legoueix workshop.