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Ombres et Lumières (light and shadow)

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Aubusson tapestry woven in the Pinton workshop. Signed by the artist. 
Circa 1965.  

Matégot, originally a decorator, then creator of artefacts and furniture. In 1990 the Matégot  foundation for contemporary tapestry was inaugurated in Bethesda, U.S.A. Matégot is an  artist, like Wogensky, Tourlière or Prassinos, who turns wool textiles resolutely towards the  abstract: at frst lyrical, geometric in the 70’s, exploiting various technical aspects of the loom:  color graduations, shading, irregularities…  

This tapestry reveals Matégot’s preoccupation with the interplay of light and shadow which is  often revealed in the titles of his works (cf. “Lumière d’été”, auctioned Millon-Robert 7.11.90, n°  31, reproduced on the cover of the catalogue, “Piège de lumière” preserved at the Musée  Jean Lurçat et de la Tapisserie Contemporaine and reproduced p 47 of the exhibition  catalogue). Here the cartoon uses an abrupt contrast, like a ray of light, between two opaque  (with faults however) and black (but shaded) blocks. In fact, all of Matégot’s works reveal the  interplay of transparency and superposition, as if light (albeit fatal to the colors he uses) was  trying to force its way through the wool.  

Origin : contents of the Pinton workshop  

Bibliography : 

Exhibition catalogue, Matégot, Angers, Musée Jean Lurçat et de la Tapisserie Contemporaine,  1990-1991  

Height: 195cm/77.5”  
Width: 208cm/82.5”