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Signed Notarbartolo, numbered 1/6 and inscribed as titled on label affxed to the reverse  Aubusson wool tapestry by Pinton Freres workshop.  

A New York Painter, born and bred, Albert Notarbartolo (1934-2008) studied at the  National Academy of Fine Arts, before his apprenticeship to mural painter Ignacio La  Russa in the early ‘50’s. His work was in acrylics and mixed media. Notarbartolo was  awarded First prize, New York Intercult Soc, 1953. He taught painting in and around the  New York area whilst doing commission work.  

His Exhibits include: Albright-Knox Gal., NY, 1968; Corcoran Gal., 1968; MoMA, 1968-70;  21 American Artists, Delaware Art Museum., 1970; Aldrich Museum of Contemporary Art,  1972.  

His work was championed by the couple behind Art Vivant. Dorothee and Joel Lewis, a  couple from New Rochelle, began importing French work in the 1950’s. They  commissioned this work. Among the handmade Aubusson tapestries in the Lewis  collection were abstract designs by Alexander Calder, Le Corbusier and Vasarely.  

Height: 68.75”/174 cm  
Width: 55.25/140 cm