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Megacity VI  

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Signed David Porter, numbered 1/6 and inscribed as titled on a label affixed to the reverse  Aubusson wool tapestry by Pinton. 

Born in Chicago and working primarily in New York, David Porter (1912-2005) was a painter,  sculptor and teacher. His work has been exhibited at WMAA, 1951; Corcoran Gallery biennial,  1959; “Editions in Plastic,” Jewish Museum, NYC, 1969; Outdoor Sculpture, Artists of the  Region, Guild Hall, NY, 1970; “Artists at Dartmouth,” City Hall, Boston, Mass., 1971; Hemisphere  Cl., Time-Life Bldg., NYC, 1971; Artists of Suffolk County, Part V, New Directions, Heckscher  Museum, Huntington, NY, 1971. Porter was artist-in-residence, Dartmouth College, 1964-65;  artist-in-residence, Cooper Union, 1967-68; lecturer, Corcoran Gallery, 1968-69.  

His awards include: The Gold medal of President Gronchi of Italy, Sassoferrato, Italy, 1961;  Beaux Arts Award in painting, Beaux Arts Cl., 1969; grant, NIAL, 1970. His work is in the  collections of the WMAA; Miami-MoMA; Chrysler Art Museum; Norfolk Museum of Arts &  Science; Parish Art Museum, Southampton.  

This work is after his late sixties graphic pieces dealing with phases of construction.  

Height: 81.5”/207 cm  
Width: 65.25”/165.7 cm